Level 2 Learning Programme

The Level 2 Learning Programme is part of the new Junior Cycle reform and targets those students who are unable to access the Level 3 Programme. The school identifies these students throughout 1st Year. In conjunction with parental approval, the L2 group begin the programme in 2nd Year. They remain in their base class for PE, ICT and SPHE as well as all trips and outings.

As well as these 5 PLUS, students also do a number of Short Courses. At present students do Short Courses in SPHE, Care of Animals and Around the World in Eighty Days.

Assessment for the L2LP is continuous throughout the 2 years with students keeping very detailed written and online folders of their work. There are no state exams at the end of 3rd Year, thus alleviating the stress that exams can place on this particular cohort of pupil.

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