Primary School

The primary school caters for pupils 9-12 years. The curriculum is based on a philosophy and psychology of teaching and learning that incorporates best educational theory and practice. One of the essential features is a recognition of the principal that there are different kinds of learning and that individual children learn in different ways.

The curriculum aims to ensure that the children’s experience of school will be such that they will come to value learning and will develop the ability to live independent lives. Within a clear and structured framework as set out by the Department of Education and Skills it affords flexibility to the school and the teacher in planning the learning experiences that are useful to the individual child at the various stages of his or her development.

  • Communication and Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Arts Education (Visual arts, Music and Drama)
  • Social Personal and Health education
  • Social Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE)( History Geography and Science)
  • Religious Education
The English Curriculum plays a vital role in our school and we always take the individual needs of each pupil into account. By enhancing their English skills and understanding they will:
  • Become receptive to oral language
  • Develop competence and confidence in using the English language
  • Enjoy books and other printed material
  • Present their Book reviews at assembly
  • Have the opportunity to express his/ herself through word/print
  • Become more confident and improve his/her self esteem
  • Engage with Handwriting Without Tears programme to enhance handwriting
  • Engage with Talk Time and Talk Boost programmes to develop oral language skills and vocabulary

The Irish Curriculum is taught in an interactive way using Bua Na Cainte materials to foster a love of the Irish language and to give the children an opportunity to learn simple words and phrases in Irish.

The Mathematics Curriculum encompasses a huge body of knowledge, concepts, skills and procedures. We teach all the basic skills of number, time, money, in a variety of ways using visual concrete materials to enhance learning and engagement with Maths.

The Physical Education curriculum contributes greatly to the overall development of each pupil. We value the benefits of PE in the children’s lives to support their wellbeing, physical health, coordination and self- esteem. It develops their co -operative skills, cognitive skills and their emotional development. We provide swimming lessons, Irish dancing and badminton weekly to all the students. The student’s play football and basketball and we organise games and tournaments with other Special schools. We compete in Cross country competitions and the swimming gala.

The Arts Curriculum which includes art, drama and music will help our children to express themselves through a variety of mediums such as their artwork, drama, Aistear, roleplay, singing, Christmas concert, choir, music etc. We put great emphasis on nurturing the Arts in our school to enhance the children’s self- confidence and self- esteem. Art, drama and music help the children to experience understand and practice life skills, as well as to promote empathy with the feelings and attitudes of others.


The Art Curriculum. We give the children plenty opportunity to express themselves, their feelings and emotions through this medium. The children explore painting, drawing, sketching, creating and inventing using a variety of materials. We display the pupil’s artwork in school and in our newsletter of which we are really proud. We afford the students opportunities to visit the National Art Gallery and many more exciting artistic venues.


The Drama Curriculum- Aistear and Drama provide a safe context for children to explore themes and issues, to make decisions and to take responsibility for their decisions. Drama helps the children to experience, understand and practice life skills and also to promote empathy with the feelings and attitudes of others. We provide the children with opportunities to take part in the school Christmas Nativity play, attend the Christmas pantomime, trips to Imaginosity, dress up at Halloween to name but a few.


Music contributes to the development of speech and language skills, listening skills, memory skills and social skills. It fosters communication, imagination and creativity. We all participate in the School Christmas concert, present class songs, visit the National Concert hall, and sing at assembly every week.

The Social Personal and Health Education Curriculum is developed and enhanced daily through our positive school climate and atmosphere. Each class follows the Department of Education and Skills guidelines in The Walk Tall, The Stay Safe Programme, Relationship and Sexuality as part of the SPHE programme. This programme helps the children to understand themselves, to develop healthy emotions and relationships and to develop and maintain healthy patterns of behaviour.

Circle Time and Sensory Room. We have a dedicated sensory room where all the children get an opportunity to experience Quiet Time in a safe, relaxed and secure environment.

The Social Environmental and Scientific Education Curriculum contributes to the development of the child’s awareness, appreciation and understanding of the natural, human, cultural, social and historical dimensions of life. The History, Geography and Science subjects will enable the pupils to develop skills such as collecting and examining data, exploring their community and understanding its history, questioning and experimenting. The children love planting flowers and seeds as well as learning about looking after the environment in which they live.

Positive Behaviour Incentive Trips and Outings

Each class has positive incentive awards and the children are rewarded for their positive behaviour, homework, attendance, good manners and kindness towards others.

The following are some of the trips and outings:

  • Zoo
  • Cinema
  • Imaginosity
  • Explorium
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Slime factory
  • Tayto Park
  • Natural History Museum
  • The Art Gallery
  • Bray Head
  • Hell Fire club
  • Marley Park/Tymon Park
  • Water Splash
  • The Tivoli Pantomime

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